ACA 60 Day Notice of Material Modification – Breaking It Down With Word & Brown Episode 006

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Posted: May 28, 2019 by Paul Roberts

You might have heard of an ACA 60 Day Rule – and there are several under the Affordable Care Act. Listen to this episode to learn more about the 60 Day notification requirement for Material Modifications under a group health plan.


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Paul Roberts is our Compliance Manager, leading the General Agency’s dual-state Compliance team. Paul is a tenured veteran in our industry, carrying a long history of health insurance experience with an education in business management. He has worked nearly every operational role at the Word & Brown General Agency and plays a key role in keeping our brokers in-line with health insurance compliance. Paul can frequently be found at industry events across California and Nevada delivering CE courses, staying educated, and working directly with brokers. This gives him the best ability to innovate and improve Compliance resources to support the businesses and abilities of our brokers. Paul is passionately dedicated to education, diversity, and helping others. He is grateful for his opportunity to support brokers and employers and is committed to your success. Please connect with Paul on Linkedin!

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