The Week Of Webinars
The Week Of Webinars
The Week Of Webinars

Another Year. Another whole week of CE. Wow!

It's baaaack! Join us for WOW, a Week of Webinars, designed to help you earn CE credits for the year, all from the comfort of your computer. And, you barely have to lift a finger (literally).

Monday, June 17Friday, June 21

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wow! a ce extravaganza from your desk!

Why WOW, you ask? Great question.

  • Convenient online format — no travel required

  • 13 hours of CE credits

  • Industry-leading, expert presenters

  • Wide range of class topics, including ethics

  • Chance to win prizes up to $1,300

  • $100 reward raffles after each webinar

  • $1,300 reward raffle for brokers who attend all 13 classes
    (one winner only)


CE Credits
in One Week

So many CE classes. So convenient.

5 days. 13 webinars. 13 CE credits. Led by industry pros, WOW classes cover the full gamut of topics you want to know more about. In just one week, you could earn more than half the CE credits you need for your license renewal period.

11:00 AM

Why Aren't We Using Online Enrollment More?

Online Enrollment (OLE) offers the promise of ease and efficiency; however, in reality, it has produced new obstacles to writing business. Some agencies have adopted these systems successfully. Some have avoided them altogether. This course covers the ins and outs of adopting a system, discusses why “we” collectively continue to avoid using them, and highlights problems that occur from both approaches. Attendees will gain insight into what you can expect as more carriers move to drive adoption of OLE.

Presented by Scott Diehl

CE #380771

2:00 PM

ACA Hot Topics: Helping Clients Navigate Compliance Challenges and Changes

Educate yourself about the impact of Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance and recent ACA changes at the federal level, so you can better understand the law and ensure compliance with its mandates. The course was developed based on frequently asked ACA questions from brokers and their clients to Word & Brown’s Compliance support team; it covers current trending ACA topics relevant to brokers and employer-clients’ businesses.

Presented by Barbara Lewman

CE #356592

9:00 AM

Ethics: Foundational Ethics and Principles for Health Insurance Agents

Learn the basic responsibilities of an honest, ethical agent in the health insurance space. The course looks at learned philosophical components of ethics — from principles taught in childhood to ethics and universal concepts, common sense principles, conduct in the workplace, and our industry’s code of ethics — and how to apply quality business practices and ethical solutions to real-life scenarios in health insurance sales.

Presented by Paul Roberts

CE #366636

11:00 AM

Ethics: Worthy of Your Clients' Trust

This ethics course is designed to educate and inspire brokers to make integrity and customer CARE (compassion, advocacy, responsibility, and education) the foundation for all ethical decisions and service to clients. The course objective is to equip and encourage brokers to set, and consistently adhere to, a high standard of accountability and integrity for themselves and the team members who are under their supervision.

Presented by Barbara Lewman

CE #366671

2:00 PM

Ethics: True North — NAHU Code of Ethics as a Moral Compass for Agents

This course challenges brokers to evaluate their own ethical practices to see how they align with the National Association of Health Underwriters' Code of Ethics. We discuss NAHU’s principles as the “true north” of a broker’s moral compass and the importance of privacy, honesty, and professional conduct in sales, service, and all of your dealings with clients, associates, other brokers, and the companies you represent.

Presented by Paul Roberts

CE #368971

9:00 AM

Mitigating Compliance Risk: Workforce Attrition, Aging Population, and the Modern Landscape

Based on commonly asked questions posed to Word & Brown’s Compliance team, this course focuses on broker and employer challenges with employees working past the traditional retirement age. It addresses employer requirements with respect to Medicare, paying for employees’ Medicare premiums, paying for employees’ individual health insurance premiums, Medicare primary/secondary payer group size determinations, COBRA and ACA Applicable Large Employer determinations, ERISA highlights, and more.

Presented by Paul Roberts

CE #363013

11:00 AM

The Fundamentals of Quoting Accurately

Employee benefits agents will gain a better understanding of the evolution, inner workings, and mechanics of quoting — accurately — in an ever-evolving marketplace. Learn the value a quote engine delivers and why quoting for products and policies is sometimes not available. Nuances between carrier and product quoting and their rules will help you deliver better customer support as you identify when group dynamics will support acquisition of a policy with a certain carrier or not, even before quoting.

Presented by Scott Diehl

CE #381011

2:00 PM

Social Media Strategies for Health Insurance Agents

Learn how to leverage current customer-service and marketing skill sets to create or enhance your online promotion, create new connections, reinforce current relationships, and stand out in today’s new era of online social media. Brokers will gain a comfortable understanding of how to utilize social media to help others and be seen as an expert by those seeking health insurance information. Adopting LinkedIn’s recommended best practices, you will learn to excel in all aspects of social media. This course counts as a business management CE credit.

Presented by Paul Roberts

CE #375371

9:00 AM

IRS Letter Panic Prevention

This class educates brokers on different types of IRS letters and Marketplace notices employers are receiving, what these letters are, how to walk clients through them, and how employers should respond. Many will find no need to panic, as these letters can often be responded to and closed without any penalty assessment.

Presented by Barbara Lewman

CE #364811

11:00 AM

FSA Compliance, Administration, and Education

The objective of this course is to educate the health insurance agent on the compliance, administrative, and educational complexities of Health Flexible Spending Accounts (Health FSAs), Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Accounts (Limited Purpose FSAs), and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts (Dependent Care FSAs). This course highlights the benefits, allowances, restrictions of the plans, related plan document compliance requirements, and compares/contrasts all plan types – including a discussion of Premium Only Plans (POPs) embedded in FSAs.

Presented by Marc McGinnis

CE #377351

2:00 PM

Large Group 101

Get an introduction to the California Large Group (101+) marketplace, which differs significantly from Small Group (2-100). Identify the unique obstacles of both markets, and learn how to assess group needs and use that information to create and offer benefits packages tailored to each employer. Find out what you can do to service and support Large Groups throughout the entire relationship — from initial quote through installation and beyond — and succeed in the market.

Presented by Peter Nill

CE #380453

9:00 AM

Employer Health Insurance Compliance & Notification Requirements

This course covers the myriad of different mandated health insurance compliance and notification responsibilities for employers. Participants will gain an understanding of the laws, contents, and purposes of required notices discussed in the course (including common notices applicable to most employers). You will review the model language for notices, learn to whom employers are required to distribute notices, find out the best time to facilitate distribution (or redistribution), and receive guidance on compliant methods for distribution.

Presented by Paul Roberts

CE #376255

11:00 AM

HSA Compliance, Trends, and Consumer Education

This class offers an in-depth look at Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and provides guidance on how to succeed in the administration, education, and promotion of HSAs as well as employee education of HSA-compatible health plans and High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs). It will help you understand modern HSA trends, learn the importance of educating stakeholders and employees on HSAs, and provide guidance on how to serve employers’ needs more effectively by promoting HSAs in a compliant manner.

Presented by Paul Roberts

CE #375311

Disclaimer: In order to receive full CE Credit from the California Department of Insurance (DOI), you must be registered for the webinar and in attendance for the full duration of the class (one hour), and you must engage with all polling questions during the course. Upon your completion of each course, we will file your credit information with the California DOI within 30 days and will provide you with a certificate of completion. Details will be reviewed at the beginning of each class.

Wow, You Got Them ?

Yup, we sure did. We've gathered our experts and are bringing them to you!

  • Marc McGinnis

    vp of national sales

  • Paul Roberts

    Compliance Manager

  • Scott Diehl

    vp of product and digital strategy

  • Barbara Lewman

    Director of compliance

  • Peter Nill


real people love us!

"These presentations covered EVERYTHING that I have struggled to communicate in a cohesive and understandable manner to my clients!" -Ginette Baum
"Hands down, these were the most professional, educational, and amazing webinars presented by a vendor that I have attended in my eight years of being licensed." -Kandi Brennan
"Many THANKS to Word & Brown (from me and from my fellow Account Managers). Everybody in my office that attended LOVED the series." -Chris Maners

Wow classes are so money. Literally.

Why WOW, you ask? Great question.

Click for the content. Stay for the cash prizes. At the end of each webinar, we’ll announce three winners who will receive a $100 gift card. So be sure to stick around after the webinar has ended to see if you’ve won.

Attend all the webinars, and you’ll be eligible to win a $1,300 gift card. The winner will be contacted one week after the last webinar has ended.


39 chances to win $100

At the end of each webinar, 3 winners will be announced and each will win a $100 gift card!

You can also win $1,300

If you attend all the webinars during the week, you’ll be eligible to win $1,300.

Fill out a survey for a chance to win $100

At the end of the week, we'll send out a survey, earning you another chance to win!

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  • what

  • Week of Webinars online CE classes

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  • Monday, June 17 – Friday, June 21

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  • Earn 13 CE credits in one week, qualify for cash prizes

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  • Anywhere with an Internet connection