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Backed by 35+ years of industry experience and innovation, Word & Brown’s quoting software and related apps and tools are more powerful than ever. They include broker-friendly, sought-after features to make your job easier.

Get it done with WBQuote

Customize your output, brand your quote, and choose a layout to make it stand out. Away from your office? Use WBQuote Lite to quote on your phone or tablet.

On the Go with WBBroker

All of the technology you need in a single app. WBBroker combines quoting, provider searches, and real-time case updates to help you better manage your business. 

Help Your Clients Avoid the Wait

Our exclusive mobile app, WBMedID, gives your groups’ enrolled employees access to their Medical ID Card information* on their smartphones as soon as coverage is approved.

*Instant access to health insurance ID Card is available only to employees and family members who are covered under an employer-sponsored health insurance program from Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, or Health Net. The employer is required to work with a broker who offers health insurance and MedID through the Word & Brown General Agency.
  • Integrated Provider & Rx Search

    We make it easy for you to instantly search, confirm, and build quotes with the doctors, medical groups, and hospitals your clients want.

  • Online Enrollment & HRIS

    Gain access to a powerful benefits enrollment solution that speeds up your enrollments and helps your clients better-manage their onboarding and benefits administration.

  • API Integrations

    Our Application Program Interface (API) integration allows us to integrate data and systems with carriers and other partners.

  • New Hire Worksheets

    Easily add employee, plan, and contribution information to create a single Worksheet in your choice of six languages — or amend a Master Census.

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