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What a WOW!

If you were not among the thousands of registrants for this year’s Week of Webinars, check out Paul Roberts’s summary of the just-concluded annual Continuing Education program. It included 12 courses covering a broad range of topics of interest to brokers and others.

CAA 2023 RxDC Carrier Reference – Submission Deadline June 1st, 2024

This resource is a reference of fully insured carriers’ approaches to facilitating the CAA Rx Data Collection requirement for/with their group plans, due 6/1/2024.

ERISA Turns 50 - Reflections and Reform Recommendations from NABIP

As ERISA marks its 50th anniversary, federal lawmakers are considering significant changes to align the law with today’s health benefits landscape. Paul Roberts summarizes NABIP’s advocacy for responsible ERISA reform and its responses to legislators' requests for commentary on the law.

California's New Health Insurance Bills in 2024

In year two of the 2023-2024 legislative session, legislators face a full agenda, including Single Payer (again), Medical Loss Ratio on Dental, Covered California expansion, Cost Sharing, Provider Directories, and more. Check out a summary from W&B’s Paul Roberts.

CAA Pharmacy RxDC Compliance Requirements due by 6/1

The Federal CAA of 2021 requires employer plans and issuers to annually submit reports outlining health premiums, employee/employer contributions, and pharmacy spending/utilization. Familiarize yourself with the essential reporting requirements and reporting methods before the upcoming 6/1 deadline.

California Achieves Near-Universal Coverage, but Budget Deficits and Single-Payer Proposals Remain

In 2024, California achieved near-universal health coverage through Medi-Cal expansion. Despite this achievement and an ongoing budget deficit, a new Single Payer bill was introduced in February. Read for insights on the universal coverage milestone, budget challenges, and looming proposals.

ACA IRS Reporting Overview 2024

Employers considered ALEs in 2023 must soon report on the minimum value health benefits they offered (or did not offer) to full-time eligible employees in 2023. Learn what’s reported, when it’s due, and more.