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New Legislation Affects Abortive Health Care in California

New Legislation Affects CA Health Care: Multiple new laws affect abortion rights, birth control, medical privacy, and other issues important to group and individual health plan participants in California. Get the details in our latest Compliance column.

It’s Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Rebate Check Time Again

Many employers are receiving Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) rebate checks from their health plans in September. Here is what you need to know about MLR requirements, how rebates are calculated, and what employers should do with their rebate checks.

Group Health Plan Compliance Requirement Due 10/15

Employers must distribute a notice to all Medicare-eligible individuals (including dependents) before October 15th, regarding their drug plans’ status. Find out where to get the required information, and how to help your employer clients comply.

Accessing Pharmacy Benefits for California Small Groups: Pharmacy Rx BIN and PCN Numbers

Clients often need to access Rx benefits before receiving their health plan ID Cards. Our handy Small Group Rx BIN and PCN table can provide the information they need.

What the SCOTUS Dobbs Decision Means for Employers and their Health Plans

What impact will the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization have on employer-sponsored health care? Get a look at how it differs for insured and self-funded plans in Paul Roberts’s latest column.

Federal Transparency in Coverage (TiC) Requirements: Public Rate Disclosures, Online Self-Service Tool

Regulators will soon begin enforcing stringent “Transparency in Coverage” (TiC) rules for health plans, beginning on July 1, 2022. Learn what these changes mean for employers and their health plans, and how TiC interacts with other similar changes within the federal No Surprises Act.

Fixing the ACA’s Family Glitch

There’s renewed attention on fixing the “family glitch” for employees seeking affordable coverage for a spouse and/or dependents through a state exchange. Find out about the controversial White House “fix” being advocated.