Your Small Group Quoting Advantage

More powerful than ever, WBQuote is the insurance industry standard for Small Group quotes.

Backed by 30 years of innovation, WBQuote includes sought-after, broker-friendly features:

Customizable Output

Brand your quote with your information and logo; choose a layout to make your quote stand out.

One Page Executive Highlights

Show your client everything that’s important on a single-page summary.

Built-In Safeguards

Avoid errors with our built-in safeguards to ensure rate accuracy.

Multilingual Translations

Enrollment worksheets are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Wrap Quoting

Wrap two carriers together and generate a quote with side-by-side comparisons and customized output.

More Products in One Place

Easily quote Medical and Ancillary products on a single quoting platform.

Find out for yourself how WBQuote can help you quote and close more business.

Want Something Faster?

WBQuote Lite is a lighter version of WBQuote and perfect for quoting on the go or making on the fly changes with clients, like census updates.