Time to explore a new option in employee benefits

Your clients do not need hundreds of employees to take advantage of Self-Funding or Level Funding for their employees’ health care program. 

  • Self-Funding

    Employers who self-fund can use a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) to pay employee health care expenses as they come in. This change in a business’s benefit plan design can sometimes reduce client expenses as compared to traditional health insurance.

  • Level Funding

    A Level Funded Premium program offers the benefits of a self-funding solution with the predictable costs of an insured plan. Level funding can be especially beneficial for employers with 25+ healthy employees interested in wellness and engagement.

  • Increased Flexibility

    Enhanced cash management and increased flexibility are two reasons employers often switch from fully insured benefits to Self-Funding or Level Funding. We work with multiple TPAs and insurers that can tailor a program to your clients’ specific needs.


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