We are committed to making complicated issues seem simple — for you and your customers. We’ll help you navigate the uncertainty of regulations affecting you, your clients, and their employees.

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We’re here to assist with compliance-related matters, employer reporting, and complex regulations. We make complicated issues seem simple, with valuable resources and answers to your specific questions. We’ll help you navigate the uncertainty of state and federal laws affecting you, your clients, and their employees


Our new resource gives you and your clients a place to easily – and quickly – look up compliance-related topics to get the answers you need. You won’t have to wade through PDFs or web pages. The search feature gives you the ability to find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds.

WBCompliance Team

Our in-house Compliance team is staffed by experts who are here to simplify your life. Exclusive to our General Agency, they’re on call to answer any of your Compliance questions. 

ACA Guidance

Whether you have a client-specific, scenario-based Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Department of Labor (DOL) inquiry, you can count on us to deliver the answers, resources, and support you and your clients want.


    We can simplify your clients’ administration, ensure their program can pass the ERISA coverage test, and protect benefits with a Wrap Plan bundling health and welfare.

  • Premium Only Plan (POP)

    A POP offers savings to clients and employees, because of reduced payroll taxes and the ability to deduct insurance premiums or HSA contributions on a pre-tax basis.


    Employer compliance with COBRA is mandatory and non-compliance fees can be substantial. We offer your eligible groups free COBRA administration, helping them save money and avoid fines.

  • ACA IRS Reporting

    Help your clients with annual IRS reporting and related services like mandated employer letters, ERISA Wrap documents, Form 5500 preparation and filing, and more.

  • ACA Calculators

    We have calculators designed to help you determine whether your clients are subject to ACA “play or pay” mandates, forecast potential penalties, and more.

Compliance content from our newsroom

  • CAA Pharmacy RxDC Compliance Requirements due by 6/1

    February 15, 2024 | By Paul Roberts

    California & Nevada

    The Federal CAA of 2021 requires employer plans and issuers to annually submit reports outlining health premiums, employee/employer contributions, and pharmacy spending/utilization. Familiarize yourself with the essential reporting requirements and reporting methods before the upcoming 6/1 deadline.

  • CAA 2023 RxDC Carrier Reference – Submission Deadline June 1st, 2024

    April 3, 2024 | By Jonathan Close, Sr. Compliance & Carrier Analyst

    California & Nevada

    This resource is a reference of fully insured carriers’ approaches to facilitating the CAA Rx Data Collection requirement for/with their group plans, due 6/1/2024.

  • California's New Health Insurance Bills in 2024

    April 29, 2024 | By Paul Roberts, REBC, Sr. Director of Education & Market Development


    In year two of the 2023-2024 legislative session, legislators face a full agenda, including Single Payer (again), Medical Loss Ratio on Dental, Covered California expansion, Cost Sharing, Provider Directories, and more. Check out a summary from W&B’s Paul Roberts.

  • ERISA Turns 50 - Reflections and Reform Recommendations from NABIP

    May 13, 2024 | By Paul Roberts, REBC, Sr. Director of Education & Market Development

    California & Nevada

    As ERISA marks its 50th anniversary, federal lawmakers are considering significant changes to align the law with today’s health benefits landscape. Paul Roberts summarizes NABIP’s advocacy for responsible ERISA reform and its responses to legislators' requests for commentary on the law.


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