Health Insurance Sales Support.

Take Your Health Insurance Sales To The Next Level With Support From Our Agency

No other General Agency offers the expertise, insurance products and services, and sales and technology support that come with our 35+ years of innovation.

  • 100% Quote Accuracy

    Using WBQuote and WBQuote Lite helps you avoid errors and keeps your clients happy. Both platforms offer built-in safeguards that ensure employee plan rates are 100% accurate.

  • Broad Portfolio

    We offer a roster of Group Medical and Ancillary products, Individual & Family Plan (IFP) coverage, and valuable extras to help you keep clients coming back year after year.

  • Instant Comparisons

    Easily compare your client’s current coverage with possible renewal options. Highlighted plan differences simplify the process and allow you to put together the best scenario for your clients quickly.

  • 24-Hour Turnaround

    Get 24-hour turnaround on quotes, so you can respond to business opportunities faster.

  • Large Group Expertise

    Our Large Group sales consultants and team strategize with you on the best-possible options, and negotiate with carriers on your behalf. Our single-page snapshot shows the savings available by moving or staying with your client’s current plan. 

  • Renewals

    When it comes time for your groups to renew, our team will show you a full market analysis, allowing you to help your groups make the best decision.


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