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Carrier Forms

Get the latest carrier forms in one place - including product information; appointment, commission, employer, and employee forms; benefits summaries; and submission checklists. We offer more than 10,000 forms, including multilingual materials, and we update this section of our site daily.

Health Plan Reference Guides

Among our most popular resources, these guides provide invaluable information on all of our products: Medical, Dental, Vision, and Voluntary. Small Group, Large Group, and IFP guides are available and updated daily, as new information is published by carriers.

Carrier Enrollment Kits

Word & Brown offers carrier-specific online enrollment kits, which give you quick and easy access to all the enrollment forms and materials needed to enroll your group. Download the documents in the enrollment kit, or email the kit to your client to get started.

Provider/Rx Resources

Helping your clients keep the health care providers, prescription coverage and medical facilities they want when moving coverage is important – ensure they get the coverage they want with the right providers. Send us a search request, and our team of specialists will do the work for you. Visit our website for direct links to carriers’ provider search and formulary listings.

Underwriting Quick Reference

Our valuable Underwriting Quick Reference Charts provide an easy-to-understand overview of carrier eligibility requirements for owner-only groups, startup groups, new hires, and more – saving you the trouble of sifting through different carriers’ guidelines.