The leading web-based agency management system for California brokers, AgencyWow was created to meet the specific needs of the insurance industry. Having a contact manger is the first step in organizing your business to save time, improve your performance, and write more business.

AgencyWow allows you to add up to six different contact types. Groups, Individuals, Prospects, Carriers, and Personal contacts can all be stored and quickly retrieved in your AgencyWow online management system. Having access to all your contacts anytime, anywhere, is a convenience you shouldn’t be without. Any California groups placed through Word & Brown are conveniently imported for you automatically along with the group details, census information, and policy data.

As an AgencyWow user, you can offer your clients HRWow, an online benefits management and human resources system. It provides them with a full set of support tools that will save them time and money.

If you are a California broker ready to get started and looking for AgencyWow training, please contact

Sarah Krstich

Product Manager

800-869-6989, ext 4841 •