$350 Bonus on New Cigna + Oscar Small Group Sales in 2021


Act now to earn an added $350 for every new group with four or more enrolled employees in Cigna + Oscar, for coverage effective 4/1/2021 to 12/15/2021.
It’s just one more reason to sell Cigna + Oscar Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) coverage. Another is the Cigna + Oscar expansion in Northern and Southern California. There are now 16 Cigna + Oscar plan options available in 14 California rating regions.
Cigna + Oscar offers four EPO plans in each of the four Affordable Care Act metal tiers:
  • Choice of two robust networks – or the option to offer both side by side
  • LocalPlus® California-based network
  • Open Access Plus national network (now available to Small Groups through Cigna + Oscar)
  • LocalPlus offers access to 23,470+ health care practitioners and 63 hospitals in Northern California plus 36,700 health care practitioners and 189 hospitals in Southern California
  • Cigna Open Access Plus offers a discounted national network with nearly 970,000 doctors, specialists, and other professionals – and 17,000 hospital and clinical facilities for out-of-area network coverage
  • No Primary Care Physician referral needed to visit a specialist
  • Personalized Care Team + innovative mobile app for members
  • Unlimited Virtual Urgent Care – 24/7 – with $0 copay
New opportunities in the marketplace are rare. Introduce your groups to Cigna + Oscar – and earn a bonus, too.

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Note: Cigna + Oscar can be written alongside another carrier (and any other plan type) as long 3+ enroll in Cigna + Oscar and 60% enroll in some plan offered by the employer.

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