Blue Shield of California Delivers More Options for Large Groups 


If your Large Group clients want to offer more options to their employees, you owe it to them to share all of the choices available from Blue Shield of California.
Blue Shield offers limited HMO, full HMO, narrow and full PPO, EPO, and HSA networks. You can even offer two HMO plans with one PPO and one HSA – all through a single program.
Plus, when you work with Word & Brown, you can count on us to deliver everything you need to quote, enroll, close, service, and renew more Large Group business.
Blue Shield Overview
Blue Shield of California offers a broad range of Medical plans, allowing you to address more of the diverse needs of your clients and their employees.
Here’s a Snapshot:
  • Participation: 65%; for groups where Blue Shield is offered alongside Kaiser Permanente, minimum participation is generally 50% for each; if offering Trio ACO HMO or Tandem PPO, lower participation will be considered
  • Minimum Enrolled: 40 employees
  • Plan Options: Trio ACO (high performing), Local Access (narrow), Access+ (full), PPO (full), Tandem (narrow PPO), EPO, and Shared Advantage (ASO network access through TPA partners)
  • Combo Choices: Typically, four plans; may offer more for larger groups
What’s New? Mental Health Support Programs.
Headspace and Headspace Care (formerly Ginger) are part of the embedded mental health support programs available to Blue Shield members at no additional cost. These are already available in the market and are recognized as valuable programs.
Download the Wellvolution Headspace Care flyer and the Wellvolution Headspace flyer, or check out the plan and network comparison tools on the carrier’s website and the Word & Brown Insurance Forms Library
We Are Your Large Group Partner
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Start to finish, whatever you need, all of us are here to support you. Our services include discovery calls to uncover clients’ needs and concerns, a complete carrier analysis, quote review and rate negotiation with carriers, no-cost Word & Brown extras, and more.
Call your Word & Brown rep today to get started on your Blue Shield of California quote.

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