Introducing the CaliforniaChoice Member Marketplace!


Word & Brown Received the Following Announcement from CaliforniaChoice

This month we will launch the CaliforniaChoice Member Marketplace, a selection of supplemental products available to all CalChoice subscribers at

The Member Marketplace allows subscribers to purchase products outside of their CalChoice benefits and separate from their employer-sponsored benefits. All of the products in the Marketplace are vetted, affordable, and some of the most popular in the country.

The Member Marketplace includes the following MetLife products:
  • Accident Insurance: In the event of an accident, Accident Insurance provides a lump-sum payment to be used as your clients see fit. Download the brochure.
  • Critical Illness Insurance: Critical IIlness Insurance helps your clients have the financial stability necessary to focus on healing during a difficult time. Download the brochure.
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance: Hospital Indemnity Insurance supplements existing health insurance coverage by helping pay for hospital stays. Download the brochure.
  • Legal Plans: Legal Plans offer access to a network of attorneys who will provide consultation on diverse issues. Download the brocure.
Earn 5% Commission!

When members from any of your CalChoice groups enroll in Member Marketplace products, you earn 5% commission! We'll also do the marketing and connect interested members with MetLife and Boon-Chapman, a third-party Administrator (TPA) partner.
  • Earn 5% commission for the life of the policy
  • No appointment with MetLife necessary
  • CalChoice members work directly with MetLife
  • Get paid each time a member from any of your CalChoice groups enrolls in any Member Marketplace products
*Commission rates for new business are subject to change.

Your Commission Contact — Boon-Chapman

When a member from any of your CalChoice groups purchases a product from the Member Marketplace, Boon-Chapman will contact you directly to set up your commission payment. Boon-Chapman is the TPA working with MetLife to ensure you are paid for the enrollment.

To get set up in Boon-Chapman's system today, please send a copy of your W-9 and completed ACH form to

Option to Opt-Out Your Groups

If you do not want the Member Marketplace shared with your CalChoice groups, you have the option to opt them out from receiving marketing. If you do not opt-out your groups by November 18, 2022, they will begin to receive communications about the available products.

Here's how:
  1. Log in to
  2. Go to My Profile and select Preference/Setting
  3. Choose which groups you would like to opt-out from receiving notifications about the Marketplace
For more information, download our Member Marketplace brochure.

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