Broker Bonus from E.D.I.S.


We’ve received the following announcement from E.D.I.S.


Are you ready to earn some extra cash? E.D.I.S. is excited to announce our new broker bonus program for new stop-loss groups effective through December 2021. In addition to standard commissions, you can earn up to $4,000 in bonuses for each new group you write with E.D.I.S!
If you’re working with larger groups (typically 51+ FTEs) that are finding it more difficult to offer affordable healthcare options; we have the solution!
  • For Applicable Large Employers (ALEs), our Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) and Minimum Value Plan (MVP) offer the lowest price possible in complying with the Employer Mandate. Our portfolio consists of multiple plan options to choose from and are 100% ACA compliant! 
  • For Large Group Employers looking for alternative options to the traditional market, our Level-Funded Stop-Loss plans are the perfect competitive solution. These plans offer both specific and aggregate stop-loss protection and refund the employer 100% of their remaining claims fund! With the potential to receive a substantial refund at the end of the plan year, our stop-loss options are great alternative solutions; either as standalone products, or as a “buy-up” option to our MEC/MVP portfolio.
**No health questionnaires for groups with 26 – 150 enrolled employees**
For more details, contact your Word & Brown sales rep or click here to download a flyer.

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