Tech Team Updates for August 2021


As we continue our series of technology-related updates, here’s the latest “news you can use” concerning Ease.
Tech Team Ease Updates

Irregular Compensation Checking: Salary/hourly amounts that are above $2,808,000/$1350 (respectively) will display a warning message to alert the broker the entered amount is likely invalid.
Note: a confirmation checkbox on the Add Compensation model for the broker (to validate the irregular compensation) is in progress.
Preventing Invalid Hire Dates: Ease will now prevent employee hire dates from being entered if they are less than 13 years from the employee’s date of birth.
Integration updates: For a full list of integrated carriers, log in to Ease here.
  • ADP Run released in the Payroll integration marketplace.
  • HealthEquity is live for all Flex Benefits (HSA, FSA, HRA) working through COBRA administration.
EaseConnect 834: This program is now in pilot; more information is coming.
  • Carrier cannot be a current EaseConnect or EaseConnect+ Partner.
  • Carrier must be a Medical insurer. If Dental and Vision are supported with the Medical carrier, those can likely be added if supported on the same file.
Ease Quick Tips
For Automatic Enrollment Notifications, follow these steps:
  • Click on the Group
  • Click Settings → Notifications
    • Send to Broker Agents
    • Sent to Company Admins
    • Send to Employees
  • New Hires will received notification when eligible
  • Open Enrollment Elections
    • Benefits → Open Enrollment
  • Set the days before End to send reminders (Default = 3 days)
  • To disable reminder, click the Do Not Send Open Reminder box
Click here for further instructions. (Log in is required.)
Live and recorded Ease trainings are available monthly – for you and your clients. HR Admin Training is offered weekly on Tuesday. Encourage your clients to sign up.
For more information about putting Ease to work for you and your groups, call or email your Word & Brown representative or the Tech Team in Account Management.

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