Tech Team Updates for October 2022


The October Tech Team Updates offer more news you can use concerning Ease, the online enrollment platform for health insurance brokers working in the 2-250 employee marketplace.
EaseHR: Get an EaseHR overview, best practices, detailed instructions, and more in the Ease Help Center.
New Partners Join Ease Marketplace: Discover the Ease growing network of connected benefit providers. Read more here.
Marketing Resource Library: Ease offers a variety of marketing resources to help you. Access them now.
Open Enrollment Changes Report: This report helps identify changes that may need to be communicated to carriers at open enrollment. Login for instructions on creating and using this report.
ACA With Ease: Prepare for peak season by reviewing the Affordable Care Act training series.
Previous Enrollments: For all prior enrollments in Ease, an Intake form is required for both years. For example, if Word & Brown is loading 2021, and renewing in 2022, an Intake form is needed for 2021 and 2022.
Ease Quick Tips
Eligibility Details: Click on the Company > Employees > Benefits > Enrollment
  • Click “Actions” and choose “Eligibility Details”
    • The Eligibility Details box will open and show you the Ineligible Reason
    • You can also narrow it down to Plan Type
  • To troubleshoot and/or confirm, you can Duplicate the employee to test
  • Update the Test employee until eligibility is correct and then update the actual employee
Click here for further instructions. (Login required.)
Watch an Ease demo on YouTube.
Recorded Ease trainings for brokers – and for your clients – are available monthly. HR Admin Training is offered live weekly on Tuesday. Encourage your clients to sign up.
For more information about putting Ease to work for you and your groups, call or email your Word & Brown representative or the Tech Team in Account Management (if you qualify for such services).

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