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Anthem Blue View Vision

Effective February 1, 2020, Sears Optical, JCPenney Optical, and Stanton Optical are no longer considered in-network eye care providers for Anthem Blue View Vision. These retail providers account for less than 2% of Anthem’s national providers. Anthem will send a mailer to affected members who visited these optical stores in the past two years to let them know about the change, and also provide them with a list of alternative eye care providers.

Blue Shield Teladoc Rates

Blue Shield of California Teladoc contract rates increased from $40 to $45 effective 1/1/2020. This affects members on Blue Shield’s High Deductible Health Plan (known as PPO Savings Plan). Employees on these plans will pay $45 for each Teladoc consultation until the deductible is met. After that, the standard copay applies.


Anthem Blue Cross has a new pharmacy benefit manager as of 1/1/2020: IngenioRx. The majority of Anthem’s members have already received new ID cards that contain all of the information needed to process claims and access member service. There has been no change to the prescription drug formulary.

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