Kaiser Permanente Exchange Bonus


Posted: September 25, 2018 by Staff Writer

Kaiser Permanente has announced another way for you to be rewarded for your 4th Quarter business. The health plan is offering a $30 bonus for each member enrolled in a new group with 6-49 full-time employees through the CaliforniaChoice multi-carrier private exchange or state’s public exchange.


The bonus applies to new groups with an effective date of October 1, 2018, through January 1, 2019.


It’s okay if your group’s enrollment is split – with some members selecting Kaiser Permanente and others choosing another health plan – the bonus applies to each new member who selects Kaiser Permanente, as shown below.

The Group Exchange Bonus is payable on top of your regular commission and standard broker reward programs like the Total Replacement rewards, Group Production rewards, and Kaiser Permanente’s Santa Cruz bonus program. Click here for a PDF with all of the bonus rules and conditions.

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