Prescription Assistance Program

Open doors to new business and increase client retention with 250 FREE prescription drug assistance cards branded with your logo.

Click on the coupon to reveal benefits

Click on the coupon to reveal benefits

Attention: This service is offered FREE to Word & Brown brokers!

The prescription drug assistance card offers valuable benefits to you and your clients:

  • Distributing cards with your contact information (and logo, if you have one) raises your profile and strengthens your reputation.
  • Every time they use the card, prospects and clients are reminded of the value you bring.
  • Card members get up to 80% savings on brand name and generic prescription drugs.
    • Accepted at CVS, Target, Walgreens, Vons, Ralphs, and other pharmacies coast to coast
    • No annual or lifetime limit on prescription savings
    • No restrictions on age or income – and no waiting periods​​​​​​

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