Updates from Our Account Management Team

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Posted: August 7, 2019 by Staff Writer

Our Account Management team is committed to providing you with on-demand assistance to help you address your clients’ needs, respond to opportunities, troubleshoot client issues, and keep your customers happy. Below are some tips to help us help you.


We would love the opportunity to assist you with setting up your Word & Brown groups on Ease. We will do all of the heavy lifting in return for a completed Intake Form and a final quote. The more complete the details you provide, the faster we can deliver your groups onto the Ease platform. Please reach out to our team for an Intake Form and submission instructions today!

Policy Number Requested for Service Ticket

When submitting requests to the Account Management Team, please always include the group’s policy number. This will help the team gather specific information and get your ticket handled in a much more timely manner.

Contact Us

We have a direct line to Account Management. Call us at 866.380.0053 when you or your clients have questions.

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