Earn More in 2023 With Aetna Small Group Producer Program


Aetna is offering California brokers the opportunity to earn more on Small Group sales in 2023.

For Aetna Small Group fully insured and Aetna Funding AdvantageSM business plans with 1-100 eligible employees, you can earn added rewards for cases with effective dates throughout 2023 – from January 1 through December 31, 2023:
  • $50 for each new enrolled employee when you sell under 75 total enrolled employees
  • $100 for each new enrolled employee when you sell 75 or more total enrolled employees
These rewards apply to fully insured and Aetna Funding Advantage Medical sales only – for California groups with 1-100 eligible employees
When selling Dental or Vision in combination with Medical, these added rewards apply:
  • $8 for each new Dental subscriber
  • $2 for each new Vision subscriber
For example, if you sell 75 total enrolled employees, 30 of whom enroll in Dental, you would earn $7,740 total credits (75 x $100 = $7,500 + 30 x 8 = $240).
Download the Aetna flyer for all of the 2023 program guidelines
Contact your Word & Brown representative if you have questions.

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