Large Group Ancillary Carrier Spotlight: Blue Shield of California


In its continuing effort to enhance the member experience – and help brokers attract and write more business – Blue Shield of California has updated its Ancillary product portfolio and participation for 2023.
Blue Shield of California offers Dental PPO, Dental HMO, Vision, Life, and Supplemental Life on both a voluntary and employer-sponsored (contributory) basis.
Here’s a snapshot of Blue Shield of California’s underwriting rules and available bundling discounts:
  • Dental Participation: 25% for Voluntary; 65% generally for Contributory/Employer-sponsored (if under, company will consider an exception)
  • Vision Participation: 25% for Voluntary; 65% generally for Contributory/Employer-sponsored (if under, company will consider an exception)
  • Life Participation: 20% for Voluntary; 100% for Contributory/Employer-sponsored (if employer is paying 100% of the premium)
  • Minimum Enrollment:
    • Dental: 25 employees for Voluntary; 40 for Employer-sponsored (like Medical)
    • Vision: 25 employees for Voluntary; 40 for Employer-sponsored (like Medical)
    • Save by bundling! Groups can save 2% when adding Dental, .05% when adding Vision, and .05% by adding Life. Add all three and save up to 3% on Blue Shield Medical. Download the Blue Shield Benefit Solutions flyer for details.
Sales Tips: Blue Shield offers added benefits for group members, whatever coverage they’re looking for:
  • Dental: Blue Shield’s calendar year Ortho benefit refreshes annually. This gives members more dollars and pricing in line with the Lifetime benefit.
  • Vision: Blue Shield has the largest Vision network – and 98% of members go in-network. There are also national and regional retail participants that include Costco, LensCrafters, Target Optical, America’s Best, Walmart, and others.
  • Life: Quick match is coming for Basic Life and Voluntary Life; Blue Shield can match a group’s current coverage and offer a discount when Life is added to Medical.
Available Collateral: Download the latest collateral using the links below. You can find other Blue Shield of California materials in our online Insurance Forms Library.
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