Large Group Carrier Spotlight: Cigna


If you want to expand your Large Group sales, or if you’re exploring new carriers for your larger group California clients, Word & Brown can help. Our partnership with Cigna offers you a choice of networks, a variety of plan options, and Cigna’s reputation for innovation.

We’re committed to matching you with the right product for your Large Group clients’ needs.

Cigna Overview

  • Large Group Participation Requirements: For California-based groups of 101+ eligible employees, Cigna requires 50% participation for both self-funded and fully insured groups. If coverage is offered alongside Kaiser Permanente, the combined participation requirement is 50%. The group must have more employees participating in Cigna and employer contributions must be neutral or favor non-Kaiser Permanente coverage.
  • Minimum enrolled: 25 eligible with 17-20 enrolled; additional risk load from Underwriting possible for smaller groups; if a group shrinks below 25, it will be re-evaluated for possible termination – termination is mandatory for groups shrinking to 10 or fewer eligible.
  • Networks: Open Access Plus (OAP) is Cigna’s largest and seamless PPO style network (product can be designed to cover both in-network and out-of-network providers or be set up as an EPO-style product for in-network only coverage; OAP can also be set up as an HSA-eligible product). LocalPlus is a select network offering greater affordability through a subset of quality, cost-efficient health care professionals and hospitals; product can be designed to cover both in-network and out-of-network providers or be set up as an EPO-style product for in-network only coverage; LocalPlus can also be set up as an HSA-eligible product. Cigna’s HMO network is designed around a focused set of quality, cost-effective doctors and hospitals with care coordinated by a Primary Care Physician; three HMO networks are offered in Southern California (Full HMO, Value HMO, and Select HMO).
  • Plan Offerings: At Cigna, plan offerings and benefits are completely customizable; options include Narrow HMO/Full HMO/OAP; Full HMO/High OAP/Low OAP/HSA; EPO/OAP; and EPO/OAP/HSA; a maximum of four plans is available – with two plan choices standard for group under 100 eligible.

What’s New?
Cigna is always moving forward and trying to find better solutions for an improved health experience for members – physically, emotionally, and financially. The latest enhancements include an Identity Theft Program, Cigna Integrated Pharmacy, Virtual Care, Funding Options, and solutions to improve employee health and health spending. Download the Cigna flyer for details.

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