The only true mobile Small Group quote in the market.

Quote anytime, anywhere, in real-time.

Make Quote Changes on the Go

Say goodbye to the days of having to run back to your office to re-run a quote because a client made a mistake on the census or hired a new employee. With WBQuote Lite in your hand, you can:

  • Update an employer census and re-run the quote
  • Change an employee’s plan assignment
  • Dynamically show changes to contribution scenarios
  • Quickly drill down into rate and benefit details

Perfect for In or Out of the Office

WBQuote Lite is a faster way to build a quote, whether you’re in your office on your desktop or at a client’s office on your phone. Want to dig in deeper? Jump into WBQuote, get a Wrap quote, look up providers, quote Ancillary, and really focus on more of the details some clients want to know.

Customize Your Quote

With WBQuote Lite, you have the ability to create a quote that represents you and your brand. And you can export in the format you like best.

  • Add your company logo
  • Customize with your company colors
  • Export in PDF, Excel, or PowerPoint

WBQuote Lite Demo

The best way to experience the ease of WBQuote Lite is to see it in action. Check out our short demo or login today and take it for a test drive yourself!

100% Accurate and Clients Will Love It

With WBQuote Lite in your hand, you can build a solution for your clients, together, however they want.

And, don’t forget, when you quote with Word & Brown, whether through WBQuote or WBQuote Lite, you can always guarantee your clients will see rates that are 100% accurate.

Find out for yourself how WBQuote Lite can help you quote and close more business.

Looking for a more detailed quote analysis?

WBQuote gives you the power to build a more detailed plan analysis, create Wrap packages, add Ancillary lines of coverage, and customize your output.